Every tech problem made painless.

Technology is great when it works. We’re here for when it doesn’t.

Every tech problem made painless.
Every tech problem made painless.
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We support the complete lifecycle of all your customers' connected devices. Helping you, help them.

  • Protect

    Devices get damaged, lost,
or stolen. We ensure your customers are covered no matter what happens.

  • Support

    Support your customers anywhere, anytime with the right solutions. All powered by the world's largest AI-driven consumer tech knowledge base.

  • Upgrade

    Upgrading to the latest technology should be affordable and easy. We’ve got that covered.

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Keeping your customers happy is our business, wherever they are in their tech journey.

Why Likewize?

We're trusted by many of the biggest brands on the planet.

Thanks to the work with Likewize, we have the highest customer satisfaction score in Europe. We recently had other countries asking us how we continually perform at such a high level.

Global OEM Content Manager

The We-Come-To-You repair option has proven to offer our customers an unrivalled level of convenience, helping keep devices in customers hands for longer and raising the bar in service. With Likewize we have seen consistent growth in NPS and a commitment to driving high levels of customer service.

International Bank Head of Customer Benefits Sourcing

We appreciate the innovation, speed and exceptional delivery of programs.

International Wireless Carrier SVP Products & Devices

Providing technical support for our extremely wide range of products was always a challenge but that changed when we brought in Likewize as a partner. Our technical support became unrivaled. We were able to massively boost our online platform and reduce returns while slashing call center costs.

National Retailer Global Program Manager

By joining forces with Likewize we were able to provide our customers with new, more flexible and more complete products for device repairs, upgrades and replacements.

Telecommunications Company Head of Products & Revenue

Likewize is an expert in the market and a trusted partner who has helped us deliver a world class experience for our customers in record time. We are continually evolving and improving the service and Likewize has provided a best-in-class partnership that has helped us achieve our operational goals – we are delighted to work with Likewize.

Wireless Carrier Head of Product

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