“Sunscreen” for your Tech Devices 

“Sunscreen” for your Tech Devices 


Written by: Likewize  

This Summer’s temperatures have made history—from roads melting in the UK to wildfires fueling the US. Though there is only a week left of Summer for some of us the temperatures do not seem to be letting up. So, as many of you continue to beat the heat and take advantage of those last-minute trips to the lake or beach, Likewize is equipping you with the “SPF” for your tech devices — because in these extreme temps they can get sunburnt too.   

Shade is your Friend  

We all love soaking up those UV rays, but they can cause negative effects on your tech devices. If left in direct sunlight for too long, an LCD screen will crack or become unresponsive. Furthermore, the heat will drain your battery quicker. 

Quick fix:  Store your devices in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. If your device is already showing signs of overheating, place it in an air-conditioned (not a refrigerator or freezer) area or under shade until it cools off.  

Water Proofing  

Water damage is the number one concern for most people during the Summer months. We find ourselves spending more time outdoors, near water to stay cool, which means the potential for water damage is much higher than during the Winter. In a recent study researchers surveyed 400 individuals between the age of 24-65. The results of the survey found that most were worried about Water damage from a body of water, such as a lake, pool, or beach. Shockingly, 42% had experienced some sort of water damage on an electronic device in the past.  

Here’s a quick fix to prevent you from being next: Invest in a waterproof case, it’s that easy! These cases will not only keep your devices free of water but if your device happens to fall in the water the case floats.  

We get it, it happens: If you do find yourself in a situation where your device has fallen in water remove the case, battery, and SIM card immediately. Putting your phone in a bag of rice or using sound waves to blow out your speakers and remove excess moisture is advised.  

Have Fun 

This is a time where you should be getting out more don’t let tech problems get in the way. By implementing these tips and tricks you’ll be saving yourself time and money.  

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