Reimagining Technology  

Reimagining Technology  


Written by: Likewize 

There was a time when people would marvel at technology and all of its advancements. But nowadays, society has grown to expect progress at an increasingly fast pace. People want their phones to have more features, their computers to be faster, and their lives generally simplified. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing that will make our lives easier. In a recent MIT News study researchers found that technology will continue to advance quickly and technologies that improve faster will win the market.  

Effortless Resolutions 

People want things done faster. We’ve become a society that is used to getting what we want right away, and when it comes to technology, we expect it to keep up with our ever-growing demands. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many times, technology fails to keep up with our expectations and instead becomes frustrating and obsolete.  

When someone is disconnected time matters, so a key area of innovation for the company has been to simplify the claims journey and reduce the time taken in every step. One service enhancement that delivers in this area came from the acquisition of WeFix, which is a U.K. mobile repair service where the technician comes to your home or office and repairs your device. That removes all the hassle of going to a repair center and leaving your phone for a few hours or even overnight. With this service your phone is fixed in 38 minutes on average.  

Harnessing technology to solve technology’s problems 

We are living in a time of great technological advances. With artificial intelligence becoming more and more prevalent, businesses are starting to harness its power in order to improve their productivity and efficiency. When customers have a tech problem, they want the process of resolving it to be effortless. They don’t need more stress in their life at that point in time. So Likewize looked at all the pain points for their customers and then sought how to simplify the claims process. 

There is a continuous stream of new innovative features being introduced, with two of the recent ones addressing the issue that people don’t like filing insurance claim forms. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the company has simplified the process for over 95% of its customers, by enabling them to submit a claim with just one click. Likewize has also recently introduced a voice-activated claims submission process where customers can file a claim through Alexa, Google Home, Siri or another digital personal assistant. 

Helping customers fix their tech  

Often people think their device is broken and book their device in for a repair when it really isn’t. In those situations, we know that if we had a technician who could quickly look at the phone, they would be able to explain that it wasn’t and there was a simple fix or show the user what they were doing wrong. So, we created a virtual technician — an app that can be downloaded to the phone and in about three minutes 189 tests are performed on the device to give a true assessment of whether there is a fault.  

In a world that is constantly changing, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where reimagining technology comes in. Likewize has always been considered industry disruptors with innovation and adaptability we don’t intend on slowing down anytime soon.