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We protect your customers against every eventuality. Whether their tech is lost, stolen, malfunctioning, in need of an upgrade or the user does not know how to do something – we have the solution.

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Boost Shield

DOP – Boost Shield (Prepaid) $7

  • – Backend integrations with Dish
  • – Loss, theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage), out of warranty & electrical
  • – Replacement & Repair options for New, Used, & BYOD devices
  • – A/E only fulfillment (no repair)
  • – Security App (Currently McAfee)

    Boost Infinite

    Value Postpaid Service

    • – Loss, theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage), out of warranty & electrical
    • – $0 first screen break w/ Unlimited screen repair thereafter for $29
    • – Replacement & Repair
    • – Security App (Currently McAfee)
    • -Device Financing (TBD)
    • -Mobile app with Cloud storage, premium tech support & diagnostics
    • -Security App (Lookout)


      Postpaid Tiered

      • – $0 first screen break w/ Unlimited screen repair thereafter for $29
      • – Replacement & Repair options for New, Used, & BYOD devices
      • – Launch Date: May

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        Protection that gives
        complete peace of mind.

        We know devices get lost, stolen, damaged, or just stop working. That’s why we provide a complete suite of insurance and extended warranty products, so that you’re covered whatever happens.

        Sometimes people need a little advice on how to use their devices – we have that covered, too.

        Tech Insurance

        We offer the most flexible coverage solutions in the market today.

        Extended Warranty

        We provide extended coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for all tech devices

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        A repair service that
        works around you.

        We are supported by an extensive network of repair providers, meaning anyone can walk-in, mail-it-in or use our “we come to you” repair services, wherever you are.

        Walk-in Repairs

        We have the world’s largest network of repair providers, so help is always close-by from our own certified repair technicians.

        Mail-in Repairs

        Before we ask you to send us your device our wizeMind app performs a number of key tests on your phone to diagnose the problem and sometimes we can resolve it without you even sending it to us – saving both time and money.

        We Come to You Service

        Don’t have time to go and get your phone repaired? Don’t worry – our WeFix service can come to your door.

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        The latest technology,
        made affordable.

        With our simple trade-in, recycle and recommerce solutions, we ensure an upgraded device for you and an updated device for someone else. By giving devices a second life, we ensure they stay in hands and out of landfills.

        Trade-in and Upgrade Programs

        We make upgrading to the latest tech convenient and affordable. Our extensive worldwide network ensures we get the original owner the best price for their old device.

        Recycling and Certified Devices

        95% of the devices we receive find a new home – the rest, we recycle. We rigorously test all our pre-loved devices as reliability is essential. That’s why we offer money back guarantees on our certified products.

        Logistics and Supply Chain

        We offer a range of logistics services from fulfillment to supply chain management. 



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        Love your customers for less.

        We are proven to transform customer service – dramatically reducing cost to serve whilst taking customer satisfaction to record levels. That’s a nice double whammy.

        Premium Tech Support

        Often the problem with tech is not the device but the user. That is why when someone gets stuck and doesn’t know how to do something, we have experts on hand to show them how.

        Knowledge Management

        Our knowledge base takes away the pain from your customers problems. We easily fit into your existing platforms and provide everything you need. We can transform your care in just a few weeks and train your people in under 9 minutes – that’s fast!

        Customer Engagement

        We make every engagement channel hyper-effective. Answering all questions, troubleshooting issues and supporting every transaction, no matter what channel.

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